Poverty is the leading social crisis globally. Detroit ranks top in the United States for any major city with this level of economic misery. Here, we will dig deeper in the root causes and effective solutions by recommending transformative action and policies.

Economic Inequality

Wage discrepancies among other factors are responsible for the lack of access to opportunities that will lift many people out of the economic doldrums. Our goal is to shine light on causes and malpractices to increase access and opportunity to all for upward social mobility.


Long held as the key to success, education can equal greater chances. Unequal distribution of resources and lack of investment in public education, mixed with poverty is a recipe for failure. Our goal is to bring attention to this issue to ensure greater investment in future generations.

Public Leadership

Addressing inequality must include key decision makers and community influencers with the power to implement policy to combat poverty and numerous other social inequalities with emphasis on the power to distribute access and opportunity equally. Our goal is to examine approach and bring leaders front and center in the communities they serve to make tangible differences.