PuLSE Begins A New Decade Of Anti-Poverty Ideas And Action

Happy new year. As we enter a new decade in 2020, The PuLSE Institute, Detroit’s anti-poverty think tank, is committed to generating action-oriented ideas that would address the urgency of the economic crisis facing Detroit.

Our team of leading advocates, thinkers, writers, businessmen and women and educators are committed now more than ever to ensure that solving Detroit’s poverty crisis remains at the forefront of the recovery debate. The PuLSE Institute is the first anti-poverty think tank of its kind in modern Detroit, and the Institute remains devoted to continue to highlight the issues of the disenfranchised and marginalized that are often ignored in the mainstream. In that regard, we will promote, conduct, and foster the kind of research, analysis, forums and debates that will lead to an equitable Detroit. 

The economic condition that many in Detroit are facing suggests a new wisdom and redefinition in the policymaking process, and in the demonstration of public leadership in this decade. It calls for a serious clarification of goals and priorities that would genuinely lead to an improved and inclusive Detroit.

The desire to reduce inequality in Detroit is the fundamental goal of this Institute. We have a moral obligation to plead the case of Detroit’s underserved children who go to bed hungry and wake up hungry. Their worsening economic conditions must trigger a new direction by the political decision making system from the bottom up. That is also why we must provide a platform to hear the legitimate claims of our young people and the Institute is already doing that through our Junior Fellows Program

In fact, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres in his 2020 message put the focus on young people: “This year, the world needs young people to keep speaking out. Keep thinking big.  Keep pushing boundaries. And keep up the pressure.”

We here at The PuLSE Institute could not agree more with Secretary Guterres. 

On behalf of our president Tina M. Patterson, Esq, editor-in-chief Bankole Thompson, and the rest of the team, we wish you a productive and transformational 2020. We look forward to you joining us as we press forward against poverty in this decade. 

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