Get your copy of “Fiery Conscience” now, the powerful and illuminating book about Bankole Thompson

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Can one person make tremendous impact on the world?

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The book published this week captures the more than two decades impact of Bankole Thompson’s journalistic leadership as one of the most courageous and impactful voices in the nation today, whose work continues to shine light on the darkness of injustice and inequity, while providing a realistic roadmap to achieving meaningful change.

You will find tears of jubilation and redemption in this book because it is the untold stories of real people impacted by Bankole’s transformative work who are bearing witness to how he stood and championed their causes in the darkest hours of neglect, dejection and inaction. The book is indeed a story of triumph and how one journalist sought to use his power and influence in the service of others because the dictates of his conscience leaves him no other choice but to speak truth to power.

A counterweight to the dominant forces of racial inequality, Fiery Conscience, shows us what is possible when we are resourceful and persistent in the drive towards meaningful equality.

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Note: Proceed from your purchase is going to support the work of The PuLSE Institute, the anti-poverty think tank.

To reach Bankole Thompson regarding the book or about his teachings on leadership and how to strategically and effectively create change and make impact email


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