Take the PuLSE Survey on Detroit’s Bankruptcy and Poverty


  1. This survey is so very needed. I hope everyone that is adversely affected by poverty, but most dont have internet access. Thank you.for your concern.

  2. I hope this captures the thoughts of those who care! Thank you, for working for those left behind and the silent!

  3. There is so much unspoken about the racism behind emergency management. It says everything about a person who says the bankruptcy was good for Detroit. It says austerity is good for Detroit, which says that quality of life for residents and TAXPAYERS is not relevant as long as speculators and corporations benefit. Especially Jones Day and cronies still looting Highland Park and Detroit.

  4. The bankruptcy has had a severe impact on those already suffering and those who were already on fixed incomes. Retirees have lost significant portions of their pensions, people in poverty are suffering massive water shut-offs, tax foreclosures, school neglect and closings. Investment is happening in Cass Corridor (Mid-Town) at the expense of Black and Brown residents. Many have been displaced. The Eastside gets a jail, Mid-Town got a choo choo train. The glaring contrast is evident. The bankruptcy was for the benefit of a few and towards the detriment of most. Detroiters have sufferered a half-centry of assault through racist policies and racialized propaganda. The bankruptcy helped to further the negative dominant narrative of Black Detroit and further breed the global racism against it’s residents.

  5. This survey scratches the surface. If this is a sincere effort to resolve the first thing to do would ending the 4.5 deduction from our pentions. Clearly justify the clawback. Taking our investments was totally unfair. I believe this to be by design. There has never been to my knowledge a forensic audit. I do appreciate the survey though.

  6. clawback is justified against state robbery and corruption.we need aggressive lawyers,pro bono services and funds to fight the fight. .other cities threatened litigation and were freed /left out of such intimidation and plunder

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