PuLSE Institute Responds to Mayor Duggan About Over-taxation Forum

Editor’s Note: Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan’s Office issued a statement last night to WDIV-Channel 4 (NBC) about not receiving an invitation to participate in The PuLSE Institute forum series regarding the $600 million over-taxation of Detroit homeowners. The statement from the Mayor’s Office stated: “I can tell you that while we were not invited to tonight’s event, we are happy to speak with some of the group’s representatives in the coming days. The mayor has currently a team of people actively looking to identify some possible solutions that are both possible and legally allowable.” Below is the full statement that Tina M. Patterson, Esq. the president and director of research at The PuLSE Institute issued earlier today responding to the Duggan administration.  

“In his initials comments to the shocking report of the $600 Million over taxation, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan indicated that homeowners should have utilized the appeals process available at the time, and his office has been silent regarding any possible solutions since the story broke on January 9. Therefore, a mayor with no solutions should not expect an invitation to a solutions oriented forum, but is certainly not barred from an open community meeting.

It is no coincidence that only hours before The PuLSE  Institute forum, did Mayor Duggan’s office issue a statement changing its tune, indicating that the city now has a team of people looking for ways to help those who were overtaxed. Since the story broke, the public pressure coupled with the announcement of The PuLSE Institute forum series on this issue, is causing a shift in the response from City Hall. We are committed to keeping this issue at the forefront of the recovery until just resolutions are fulfilled.

Independent forums such as the forum last night are needed to foster an honest dialogue that will result in equitable solutions to make Detroiters whole, and The PuLSE Institute (Institute for Public Leadership and Social Equity) will continue serving its mission in this respect.”

Tina M. Patterson

Bankole Thompson editor-in-chief of The PuLSE Institute moderating the Jan. 29 launch of The PuLSE Institute forum series regarding the $600 million over-taxation of Detroit homeowners at Wayne County Community College District. Seated next to him is Christine MacDonald, investigative reporter at The Detroit News, Tina M. Patterson, president of The PuLSE Institute, Wayne State University Law Professor John Mogk and 910 AM host and political veteran Sam Riddle.


  1. God bless the PuLSE and its Founders/Owners – Bankole Thompson and Tina Patterson. It’s because of organizations like this that Detroiters have a fighting chance to overcome poverty. Six Hundred Million in overtaxed property assessments in the nations poorest black city is at most most disgraceful and at least shameful.

  2. Thank you for following this issue I’m concerned due to the fact that I lost a house the foreclosure while in a payment agreement that was more than three-quarters paid and the house was sold out from under me thank you for following this issue as a recourse to solve this issue may I suggest Easley just credit future taxes thank you for your attention with more than three-quarters of the tax paid I received no refund and I lost the house this is unfair please help

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