Detroit Tops List Of Police Officers Who Can’t Testify In Court

Our editor-in-chief Bankole Thompson, who is a twice-a-week opinion columnist at The Detroit News, secured the first Brady/Giglio list of police officers with credibility issues in Wayne County after the Office of the Wayne County Prosecutor complied with his request on Tuesday. The Detroit Police Department accounts for majority of the officers on the list who can no longer testify in any court of competent jurisdiction. 

Bankole Thompson, editor-in-chief of The PuLSE Institute sits down with Detroit Police Chief James Craig in 2014 for a public conversation about race and policing in the city.

The list is important because the disclosure is being made at a time when there is an increasing demand for police accountability marked by the recent Black Lives Matter demonstrations.


  1. I can’t not breathe “it’s time to call out the Bad Cops
    I’m fighting for the injustice that was done to me I’m an old black woman,that two POLICE OFFICER(one is Black and the other one is mix with Black and White) choice to lie on me in their police report to send me to prison with their lies. The prosecutor’s choice to prosecute me because of the lies the Cops told in their police report (and choice not to look at the police Body Camera that show they were lying). All the prosecutor had to do is watch the police body camera to see that they lied. I have try to see Chief James Craig who say that he would fire lying cops he have said it more than once (Google it) that lying cops would be fired. Chief James Craig Have not been a man of his word. Dennis Smith and Marchelloe Brown have cost me Physical Scars and Mental Scars. I’m still fighting for Police Chief James Craig to do what he said he would do (Craig said. “But moving forward, if an officer is found to have flat-out lied, we’re terminating them.). It’s on the Police body Camera’s, It’s in the police report that show Dennis Smith and Marchello Brown Lied on me.
    I want you to know how many good police officer that know that Dennis Smith and Marchelloe Brown Lied on me Alomar,H.R (240553) Anderson,S(240360)Readus,Nathan(237669)Bolinger,Kenneth(236336), Marcy, Ernest ,Binnion,Marlon, Felix,Joshua internal Affairs, Supervising Investigator Cromwell, Director Christopher Graveline,Commander Michael McGinnis, The Detroit Board of Police Commissioners, Office of the Chief Investigator and it was two ride along. All of them know that Dennis Smith and Marchello Brown have lie on me and have done nothing about it hoping it will go away (me). WHERE DO YOU GO WHEN THE POLICE ARE THE BAD PEOPLE? WHO DO YOU GO TO FOR HELP? Police Silence must end. If a Cop don’t tell on a bad Cop that make him, her Bad Cop too. So tell me where are the Good Cops at?
    The Department they work in Detroit, Michigan 7th Precinct 3501 Chene St, Detroit, MI 48207 Detroit Eastside and Detroit Public Safety Headquarters 1301 Third St. Detroit, Michigan
    Marchello Brown went to Warren Police Department after he lied on me in Detroit. Marchello Brown and Dennis Smith have a Mother Daughters and a Wife. I would like to ask them what he would do if someone did that to their love one, what they did to me. I’m a mother and I too have people that love me and would like to know why did you do this to their love one.

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