We Are Fundraising To Fight The Persistence Of Poverty

I strongly believe in the redemptive mission to uphold the dignity of impoverished communities and to ensure their needs are met through effective and accountable public leadership. That’s why I write about poverty demanding that those with the levers of political and economic power craft serious anti-poverty policies to help Detroit which is one of the largest poverty cities in the nation. That is also why I write about the conflict and contentious relationship between government and the community it is tasked with serving. That is the mission The PuLSE Institute seeks to fulfill. 

If you believe in this liberating and essential undertaking and its power to educate and inform the people, join me in this campaign to raise funds that will help The PuLSE Institute cultivate and promote the need for government accountability, provide authentic and independent views and solution-oriented perspectives about inequality that are outside the normal established power structure. Moreover, we are determined to expose how the parameters of poverty impact Detroit, the largest black city in the nation. You can contribute as little as $5.00. Your donation is tax deductible. Donate here.  

Thank you so much!

-Bankole Thompson 
The PuLSE Institute

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